Gen AI for Manufacturing

Gen AI with IoT can transform manufacturing efficiency and productivity.

Customer Benefits

Generative AI can lead manufacturing stakeholders to better outcomes, by seamlessly combining static data sources within the business with live data, such as IoT sensor data and current production data. This enables you to:

  • Reducing cost of machine maintenance. Interpreting IoT sensor data alongside equipment manuals and maintenance procedures can accelerate time to fix, suggest preventative maintenance, and reduce down time.
  • Enhance lead daily stand-ups. Allow Gen AI to act as the guide for lean daily stand ups, based on your normal practices and historical production and IoT data. Allow teams to focus on key issues, by allowing Gen AI to cut through the noise.

  • Improve workflow automation. Gen AI can bridge between standard operating procedures and what actually happens, and recommend process improvements, training, or other corrective measures.
  • Reduce energy costs. With energy guidelines, and equipment specifications, detect anomalies in energy usage data, and take corrective action early to reduce energy costs.

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How we work with you?

  • Ideation workshops drill into your manufacturing process, and identify how Gen AI can be used to reduce cost within the business, provide key metrics to stakeholders however they need it, or enhance maintenance capabilities within the business.
  • We will define a Gen AI adoption road map to chart a path to success, taking small steps to prove value at each stage.
  • Our team will understand the data sources you have available, and recommend additional IoT sensors where this makes sense.
  • We will work with you to implement the plan, with stakeholder testing along the way, to ensure we can deliver on your expectations.
  • Our solutions are customised to your needs enabling integration with a variety of data sources, sensor types, and applications.

“Customers are just starting to understand the value of combining static and dynamic data with Gen AI to help solve manufacturing challenges, and how how it can accelerate outcomes and ROI. We’re excited to be helping our customers achieve their goals.

Jonathan Custance, Director, Green Custard