Join Green Custard at Hardware Pioneers Max!

Visit us at stand #2

Green Custard, an AWS Advanced Tier Partner, is exhibiting at Hardware Pioneers Max! on Thursday, 13 July, at the Business Design Centre in London.

As a leader in IoT on AWS, whatever your vision for change, we can help you to learn and grow, building powerful IoT solutions with you to deliver the security, resilience, scalability, and, most importantly, the return on investment that you expect.

There are numerous benefits to connected products including:

  • Customer Insight - a deep understanding of customer product use, enabling product refinement and design to improve and keep customers engaged.
  • Personalisation - allowing products to adapt and change to meet the specific needs of the consumer.
  • Waste Reduction - develop wrap-around services to deliver consumables to customers as they need them.
  • Loyalty - develop loyalty solutions based on product use, whether a product in a consumer's home or a fleet of B2B2C products in the field, increasing product use and engagement.
  • Sustainability - completely rethink your product, in a world which demands us to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Launching Green Custard's LoRaWAN Starter Kit!

Get your exclusive first look at our LoRaWAN Starter Kit, only at Hardware Pioneers Max!

Green Custard's LoRaWAN starter kits greatly simplify the development of IoT solutions based on LoRaWAN technology. By providing pre-configured devices and connectors, we help you quickly set up and connect your IoT devices to the cloud, reducing the time and effort required for prototyping and proof of concept development.


  • Seamless connectivity to AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN
  • LoRaWAN gateway registration, status check, control and removal
  • LoRaWAN device registration, status check, control and removal
  • Send downlink messages, e.g., light up a LED.
  • Register uplink webhooks, called whenever there is new data.
  • Register events webhooks, called whenever there are new events.
  • Grafana dashboard to visualise LoRaWAN device sensor data.
  • Automated deployment of all AWS infrastructure into
    an account of your choice.

The starter kit includes all the necessary hardware components, such as LoRaWAN-enabled sensors, gateway, and other devices, already configured to work together seamlessly. So you can focus on building your specific IoT applications, rather than spending time on the initial setup and integration of devices.

The versatility of LoRaWAN technology makes it applicable to various industries and use cases, including smart cities, building automation, agriculture, industrial monitoring, utility management, and more.

Explore and prototype IoT solutions more efficiently, accelerate the development and deployment of LoRaWAN-based IoT applications, foster innovation and embrace the potential of IoT technology with seamless connectivity to AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN.

Transforming Your Business With IoT

Would you like to learn more about how we can help transform your business?

Drop in and see us at stand #2 at Hardware Pioneers Max! 13 July 2023 at the Business Design Centre, London.

Well also have Ashok Rao, IoT Specialist Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS) on our stand all day, helping you explore purpose-built solutions to accelerate research and development, optimise operational efficiencies and gain meaningful customer insights.