Whatever your core business, and no matter how you are looking to change, our knowledge of cloud allows us to bring our breadth of industry intelligence to implement the right cloud solutions for you and your customers.

With our creative team and process we aim to learn and share, focus on your strategic business and customer goals, and help you achieve the next step in your digital transformation in a secure, resilient, scalable and professional way.


Improving safety, driving sustainability, increasing revenue, building new experiences, and delivering efficiencies across industrial, healthcare and consumer applications.

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To satisfy increasingly demanding customers, it is essential for manufacturers to have greater visibility across supply, quality and production, and be able to adapt quickly to changing market conditions. We work closely with our clients to transform production to save cost through efficiency improvements, reduced downtime, reduced maintenance/repair costs, lower energy and lower resource consumption - ultimately saving cost and delivering better solutions for their end customers.

Whether supplying equipment to your customers, or managing a fleet of assets in the field, it is becoming more important to have insight into these assets, how they are being used, and when they need repair or consumables. Our work with clients has allowed greater visibility and control over industrial assets, delivering cost savings by reducing downtime and occurrence of critical failures, supported consumable and parts replenishment, and created new revenue generating services our clients can offer to their customers.

Our clients are seeking greater connection and understanding of their customers, and are also looking to redefine products to delight users in new and different ways. We help explore your customer goals and deliver new and innovative ways to achieve success through augmenting existing products to gain market and user insight, or building game-changing new products to offer better customer experiences with increased engagement, alongside new services to deliver additional revenue to your business.


Ensuring security and governance, operational excellence, and the ability to seamlessly scale to meet your customer demand.

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Similar to an AWS Well-Architected review but extending to the Application layer too, we can be engaged to audit your current solution. This service will assess the security, cost-efficiency, performance, scalability, reliability, agility, and ease of operation/maintenance of your application. Our AWS Certified Solutions Architects will deep-dive into your existing infrastructure and review the implementation against best practices and patterns. Our team has hundreds of years of combined software experience in a wide variety of disciplines, which further enables us to audit your application layer. The end result is a comprehensive report that includes prioritised recommended actions, along with an indication of the effort required to resolve each action.

Ensuring a path to a scalable and reliable service is integral to our clients’ success as they grow. When a product is first engineered, often the most important need is to develop the initial version and prove that there is a demand for it by gaining traction with customers. As customer numbers and usage grows (or is predicted to grow), compromises in the original design can be pushed to their limits, and there is a worry that the application will fail or disappoint customers, or become too cost inefficient. We offer a service to address these concerns. Often following on from a Solution Architecture and Software review exercise, we will refactor your application to address identified issues, providing a robust foundation for the next stage of your journey.

We understand that staying up to date with the fast pace of AWS innovation can be a challenge and requires expert knowledge and a set of best practices. For the system to be optimal as a whole, expertise is not only required in the architecture and deployment of cloud services, but also in the application software that uses those managed services. It is often difficult to find these skills, especially if your team is small, or if the skills needed are niche. Internal development teams also need to be focussed on what they do best - creating application features to differentiate their products from the competition. Our team can be engaged to complement your in-house team, plugging gaps, to help you design, implement, and deploy a world class solution. We are expert in many AWS managed services, and have been involved in applications covering a huge variety of use-cases.


Delivering new experiences to excite our clients and their customers across mobile and web.

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Whether targeting a customer, employee or partner, the people who use applications need to be placed at the centre of your thinking. Our process for app development focuses on your users, and how that maps to your business goals in order to build the right experience. Our depth of knowledge enables compelling front end applications to be tied to secure, resilient and highly scalable cloud services on AWS, ensuring a consistent user experience across the globe.

Placing the user at the centre of your design is essential to their success. It doesn't matter if you are building apps to support existing services, companion apps to Bluetooth wearables, or embarking on a completely new digital experience for your customers. We will support you at every stage of the project, leveraging our experience of differing mobile platforms and technologies coupled with the knowhow to build secure, reliable and scalable backends, to create inspiring and engaging mobile applications.

Modern businesses can generate vast amounts of data, and within this sea of information are often critical insights which could result in cost reduction, better customer retention, or product improvement. With you we look to understand the key stakeholders in your business, and the KPIs which can help drive improvement within the business. We will collate, organise, and report across your business data to ensure data driven decisions can be made to improve your business.


Managing your cloud infrastructure, keeping an eye on cost, performance and security.

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Let Green Custard manage your cloud environment, keeping it in optimum condition and driving continual improvement. With Green Custard maintaining your engine and driving operational enhancements and refinements, it enables our clients to keep their eyes firmly on the horizon.

For isolated applications or where a client has limited internal resources to manage operational tasks, leverage Green Custard to provide operational support, training and consultancy. Options can be tailored to meet your business needs.