You will join our friendly, technically brilliant, and award-winning team of consultants and developers to work on some of the best projects around. Our client base has a great mix of start-ups through to multinational companies and is expanding rapidly - plus we get to start most projects from a clean sheet of paper. You’ll be able to make a genuine difference in the world because IoT is where software truly can provide real-world benefits, whether it be saving energy, resources, or the planet - we have Green in our name but also in our nature.

Like us, you are a software enthusiast who has experience in areas such as Linux, AWS, IoT, Backend development, Node, TypeScript and Python. Our projects often encompass everything from embedded software, through to AWS IoT cloud services, mobile and web apps. We are active in providing learning and development opportunities, and sustainability is a focus for projects we engage in. While we will be excited to see any of these on your CV, we are just as excited about helping an eager and bright person grow within their strengths.

Diversity and inclusion are the principles upon which our success has been built to date, as diversity enables innovation and an inclusive workplace fosters a creative and stimulating environment for our team.


A day in the life of a Senior Consultant Developer at Green Custard includes independent development on project features, being actively involved in the planning and discovery phases of projects with your team, growing interaction with customers potentially as a specialist in the area you are working in, and starting to take the lead on specific longer tasks or smaller projects. You will have the opportunity to use, develop and grow your experience in multiple programming languages and technology areas..

Can you evidence, either with strong academic results or some other way, that you are a bright, fast learning, and intelligent candidate, who can code? We welcome hearing about what excites you the most, or what are you most proud of.


We welcome receiving your CV and an example of what excites you and what you are most proud of, this can be via a short video, a screen record or a written account to showcase you.

Please send this to