Delivering smart software solutions to fulfil your objectives
Our team of experts have experience across multiple platforms, technologies, and business consultancy services. With a clear understanding of what you need to achieve, we create custom software solutions that will deliver results.
Mobile development
Having released over 30 iOS and Android apps, we are experienced in all aspects of mobile development. Cross-platform, native, elaborate UI, in-app purchasing, analytics, hardware devices, bluetooth - we have covered it all.

How can we bring your idea to life?
web development
We have developed highly available, usable and responsive websites for a broad range of clients. Design and experience for users is paramount and we also utilise latest technologies if needed such as progressive web apps and accelerated mobile pages.

What can we build for your users?
iot / embedded / software
With the team’s combined experience in embedded software, IoT and networked products, we have engineered a wide variety of these projects. We bring robust software practices and are very accustomed to environments constrained in memory, performance, and power.

What can we connect for you?
Big data
We have worked with a number of clients to develop high throughput, cost efficient big data processing solutions for a range of applications. We work to understand how you wish to collect, analyse and interpret your data and how to extract insights meaningful to your business.

What insights can we extract for you?
cloud architecture
We are AWS and Google Cloud Platform partners and have architected, developed and deployed numerous backend solutions for customers. We are skilled at integrating with your systems and third-party solutions, and will deliver a highly available service which could form a mission-critical function for your business.

How can we help your move to the cloud?
learning solutions
Customers for our digital learning experiences include leading worldwide financial institutions. We tailor the experiences to match the content, form of learning and types of users being trained. Solutions include guided learning, self serve or gamified learning. The result is robust, secure and can serve employees worldwide.

How can we help your employees learn?
Product Development and prototyping
We are expert in grasping business needs and technical problems. With this insight we can rapidly develop MVPs or prototypes, enabling you to make business decisions or test with users quickly and effectively. Based on this early learning we can refine, develop, test and deliver the best solution to your customers.

How can we help you realise your next product?
consulting / team augmentation
In addition to software development we have taken on a broad range of consultative roles; carrying out due diligence in a number of technology areas, providing interim CTO support, supporting patent applications and augmenting teams where needed.

How could we support your business?
Business automation / services modernisation
We help businesses reduce costs by reworking existing processes and moving them to software-based solutions. We understand your business processes, pain points, and the commercial need for change and work with you to design and develop solutions to address the problems and meet the business requirements.

How can we save you time and money?
Do you have a project or idea you would like help with?
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