Green Custard is a cloud native professional services company and AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner. We help clients innovate and deliver value back to their end users and customers, and are passionate about always doing the right thing. Our work spans four key disciplines reflecting our breadth of expertise and covers IoT, Apps, Cloud Infrastructure, and Cloud Operations. We work across multiple sectors and with a broad range of client sizes, from entrepreneurs and tech start-ups to global enterprises and public sector organisations.

Through our people, process, and services we deliver strong business outcomes for our customers. We are based in Cambridge, UK, and are driven by our desire to provide excellent customer service, and focus on our values of Creativity, Team Work, Professionalism and Knowledge, partnering with you to deliver great solutions.


Green Custard Ltd was founded by entrepreneurs and University of Cambridge alumni James Green and Jonathan Custance. Using a memorable fusion of their surnames they founded Green Custard Ltd in 2009. The company has grown significantly since those times, and today benefits from a large highly capable team with a wealth of varied expertises. The business has grown year-on-year and this success is down to a simple recipe - we combine world class engineering with a passion for exceeding customers’ expectations.

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The character of Green Custard Ltd is driven by its values and ethos, and they are incredibly important to us. Fundamentally we strive to do the right thing and do good in the world with the software that we create, and this influences the types of project that we undertake. Many of our projects are in the healthcare and education sectors, and for non-profit organisations.

Our strengths in cloud and web applications have influenced the decision of the company to have a specialism in IoT (Internet of Things) which is often applied to reducing resources, environmental impact, and lowering carbon footprints.

In choosing to partner with Amazon Web Services, we were particularly impressed by their own goal to power their operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025. This means that solutions we build will have environmental credentials of which both we and our customers can be proud.


People are the key to our success. We feel proud every time someone new joins our team.

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