Using cloud to to deliver digitized healthcare services


Cloud has the power to transform Healthcare and Life Sciences, generating opportunities for slicker internal processes, and to improve patient outcomes through AI and innovation, providing a personal approach in an overstretched and highly regulated market We work closely with our clients to understand their specific patient or research outcomes, and build secure, privacy centric solutions, enabling delivery of new solutions faster.

Whether supporting wearable technology providing data to patients or their healthcare professionals, collating and managing patient data, building data storage, analysis and ML solutions to support new product development, or building solutions which encompass all of these, we are here as your partner to achieve your digital health strategy on AWS.

Joint Analytics is a Healthcare start-up who is transforming the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions by bringing movement scans into mainstream use. Neck, shoulder, elbow, lower back, hip, knee, ankle and in some cases, multiple joints, can be scanned via Joint Analytics’ motion capture technology, potentially giving patients an autonomy that has never been experienced before. The solution comprised everything from from the appointment bookings system and patient referrals, to developing motion capture data ingestion, a data analysis pipeline, and data storage and report generation for a variety of different healthcare roles.

"The Green Custard team have been instrumental in our product's success, guiding us through complex development decisions and balancing costs against functionality."

Mark Keenan

CEO, Joint Analytics

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