Using cloud to ensure delivery of services and utilities


Energy and utilities must provide around the clock service continuity of supply, not only to power the consumer and business world, but also to, to ensure transparent and accurate billing. Fleet management of critical assets is essential to monitor conditions, which could flag safety, maintenance or consumable issues to the business, allowing proactive steps to be taken to reduce any business impact.

Our work with clients has covered renewables such as wind and storage batteries, as well as traditional public utilities, helping deliver robust and secure AWS IoT solutions. We have also been involved in brokerage and customer facing services, delivering secure and scalable AWS solutions into those businesses.

Blue Oil Energy are global brokers for oil, across the gasoline, bio-diesel, and jet markets. They have offices in London, Geneva, The Netherlands, and operate internationally. They needed to manage their transactions in an auditable and secure environment. We developed a secure, transactional platform on AWS to meet their needs. It has delivered significant internal efficiencies to their business, helped spearhead further digital transformation, and improved the experience for their customers and operations teams.

"The project has been a complete success for us. It will be cost neutral over a small number of years. The new platform provides great benefits to our company and our customers. We have no doubt it will help us to grow."

Jon Pike

CEO, Blue Oil Energy

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