8power is a Cambridge based innovative technology company specialising in self-powered wireless sensor solutions for industrial plant applications. They are enabling machine condition monitoring at lower cost and easy installation for water/waste treatment, manufacturing, and oil and gas industries. Their solution is based on groundbreaking, patented technology from the University of Cambridge.


8power manufacture a low power, industrial logging device for monitoring remote equipment. Their brief was to create a proof of concept app that downloads data from the logger over Bluetooth, and visualises it on the screen of a mobile phone.


  • Experience of Bluetooth Low Energy - the app would need to connect to the monitor over Bluetooth LE, and download using a proprietary protocol.
  • An ability to work with tight timescales - 8power required a quick turnaround as the app would form a showcase to potential new customers.

"The GC app enabled 8power to rapidly develop a functional system that could be deployed and tested by 8power's potential customers."

Martin Jackson,

VP Engineering, 8power


Due to our considerable experience in the area of Bluetooth LE, we were able to fulfil the brief perfectly. With the knowledge gained from building similar apps for previous projects, we were able to assist the customer with design of their proprietary protocol.

Being well versed in the world of startups, we knew exactly what was required for a proof of concept which meant we could deliver the app in a timely fashion. This fast-paced project required quick iteration based on 8power’s feedback and the ability to add new features as they came to light.

We’re delighted that the app made an immediate difference to 8power’s new customer meetings and supported their offering. Having something real to hold and use always provides better user feedback and this app helped them achieve this from their customers to quickly refine their proposition.

"It was great to be able to write an app that works with technology that was so cutting edge." - Gavin Dolling, Project Lead, Green Custard

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