As a forward-thinking business, we have always wanted the technology and projects we work on to do good in the world. That's why we've identified four specific consulting services that we can offer our customers to improve the sustainable credentials of their products and businesses.

In our own business, we examine power usage, waste, recycling, and the suppliers we use. We have also developed hybrid and home working strategies that support performance and staff well-being, and transport schemes that include salary sacrifice for bicycles and electric vehicles.

In 2023, we avoided the release of 150.75 tonnes of CO₂eq and surpassed 4000 trees planted through multiple projects all over the world with Ecologi. Together, we're committed to working towards a better future for our planet.

Visit our dashboard to find out more about the projects we support:

Energy Monitoring Starter Kits

Understand your electricity usage so you can take action to reduce your bills and your energy impact. Our simple three-step process will help you identify and enact the best solution for your business.

Rapid understanding of energy usage through detailed monitoring of machines and assets.

Empower Sustainability Managers and CSOs with valuable data to drive the organization’s sustainability journey.

Provide guidance on machine usage patterns for basic Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).

Offering a variety of hardware solutions to cater to different customer needs and preferences.

Energy & Environment Monitoring

Embark on a transformative journey towards sustainability with our Fixed-Price-Fixed-Scope energy and environmental monitoring starter kit. Focused on electricity usage and building environments, our solution delivers detailed insights through energy monitoring, enabling organizations to optimise efficiency and respond adeptly to peak demand.

Gain a detailed understanding of electricity usage, enabling strategic decisions for cost reduction and operational efficiency.

Ensure artifact preservation and occupant comfort by monitoring and maintaining optimal storage conditions and indoor air quality.

Proactively reduce energy impact, contributing to broader sustainability goals and minimizing carbon footprint.

Empower organizations with actionable insights for continuous improvement, predictive maintenance, and strategic long-term planning.

Roadmap to Sustainable Manufacturing

Our Sustainable Manufacturing IoT Solution addresses energy reduction, process efficiency improvement, waste reduction, circular economy adoption, and per-product CSR reporting.

Address critical manufacturing challenges, including energy reduction, process efficiency, waste reduction, circular economy adoption, and per-product CSR reporting.

Engage stakeholders in a two-phase program, assessing IIoT maturity and distilling actionable plans for sustainability improvements.

Align business sustainability goals with IIoT strategies, providing a roadmap for transformative change.

Engage stakeholders in a two-phase program, assessing IIoT maturity and distilling actionable plans for sustainability improvements.

Sustainable Product Ideation & Development

Embrace sustainability and meet the growing demand for eco-friendly practices. Our expert advice empowers you to reimagine your product delivery, advocate for circular economies, and provide transparent corporate social responsibility (CSR) scores.

Our Eco-Innovation Solutions Suite stands out for seamlessly integrating sustainability into every phase of product ideation and development. We redefine digital product experiences, offering manufacturers a ground breaking approach to align their products with eco-friendly practices and meet the rising demand for sustainable solutions.

Tailoring our services to diverse sectors, from consumer electronics to healthcare and beyond, we address specific sustainability challenges unique to each industry. Whether you’re optimising manufacturing processes, extending product lifespans, or fostering circular economies, our solutions are finely tuned to meet your needs

Working closely with manufacturers, environmental certification bodies, and renewable energy equipment providers creates a collective impact, driving positive change towards a more sustainable and socially responsible future.

"Working with Green Custard and using AWS, we’ve shown that business can drive sustainability."

Scott MacKenzie

Director of Beyond the Bottle Platforms, Britvic