Green Custard Enable Digital Transformation with AWS


ENVEA, a global solutions specialist for capturing atmospheric conditions across industries, desired to reimagine their existing on-premises solution for their clients to leverage the cloud, and IoT and deliver heightened value and user experience to their clients worldwide.

ENVEA sought out Green Custard, an IoT Specialist Consultancy, that designed and developed a new end-to-end user-centric solution leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS). Clients instantly benefited from increased security, improved data visibility, remote equipment configuration and real-time alarm systems that reduce downtime.

Moving to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model enhances client lifetime value, with clients able to instantly benefit from new features and services, get support remotely to understand their data, whilst future-proofing the product for ENVEA and delivering an added source of value and revenue.


As a product-focused company, ENVEA were thinking of product developments, but Green Custard encouraged them to think about preparing for the future with a long-term investment.

Managing industrial emissions efficiently and ensuring compliance with limits for emissions to the atmosphere requires accurate and reliable data from multiple sources across the plant. Often there is no central hub for this data, and only the raw data output from the sensors is available, which makes it hard to draw actionable insights.

Environmental control engineers will often only know about a problem with part of their plant after the issue has occurred. The costs and resources required to maintain plant equipment, abatement systems, and monitoring equipment can be significant, and the ability to manage plant efficiency depends on the manual analysis of data and visual inspection of plant equipment.

Instead of just rolling out the next product update, we have completely changed how the developers and product managers work, and we've changed the management decisions around what the business will look like in the future.

Chris Shelley



ENVEA senior managers attended a Working Backwards session with Green Custard and AWS to explore how IoT can speed up new product development, improve product performance and build client engagement.

Green Custard put a governance structure in place which allowed better visibility of cost allocations and security of the platform. Standard AWS components enabled a modular approach that made the product more robust and maintainable.


Digital transformation isn’t just about implementing new technology; it is also about using technology to drive growth. Instead of taking a top-down approach to decision-making and focusing only on consecutive product updates, ENVEA has embraced a new working style, with the procedures and organisational structure to support innovation.

By moving to the cloud, ENVEA can take advantage of next-generation economies of scale, speed, automation and intelligence.

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