IoT Product Retrofit

Transform Your Products into Smart Assets and Generate Recurring Revenue

Benefits for you:

  • Maximize Revenue Streams: Generate recurring revenue beyond your core product sales with premium data-driven services.
  • Gain Competitive Advantage: Retrofitting IoT offers a competitive edge and market adaptability, enabling unique services and product differentiation with minimal redesign.
  • Enhanced Customer Understanding: Deep data-driven customer insights, enabling you to tailor products and make informed decisions based on anonymized data analysis and usage patterns, will improve your product-market fit.

Benefits for your customer:

  • Elevated Customer Experience: Elevated Customer Experience: End customers benefit from a superior product experience, enhancing their satisfaction and creating stronger brand loyalty and retention, ultimately driving increased revenue for you. Practical use cases include predictive maintenance, consumable and parts automation, remote operation, and real-time safety warning

"We needed a solution that could be rapidly implemented, globally scaled and easily adapted for future innovations. We have a robust design aligned with the latest best practices and is highly usable which is critical to successful adoption."

Mark Slack

Global Product Manager, Martin Engineering


Transform your products into smart assets and generate recurring revenue!

Retrofitting IoT into your products positions your business ahead of the competition by introducing recurring revenue streams. With access to rich data and the ability to offer unique IoT data-driven services, you can outpace competitors, adapt quickly to market changes, and differentiate your offerings without major product redesigns.


Green Custard will work closely with you to understand your business objectives and your customers. We will identify how IoT can deliver on these to future-proof your products, in a secure and robust cloud environment.

From predictive maintenance, automated consumable replenishment, and remote operation to enhance customer service, IoT can upgrade your products and deliver actionable insights for you and your customers.

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