Step into the future with our IoT-powered smart buildings

Utilising sensors, actuators, and smart devices, smart buildings adapt to occupants and the environment, optimising energy use, cutting costs, and minimising environmental impact.

IoT (Internet of Things) enables smart buildings by connecting various devices and systems through the internet, allowing them to share data and interact. Sensors, actuators, and smart devices embedded throughout the building gather and exchange information, facilitating automation, control, and data analysis.

Solution options include:

  • Digital twins, with access to additional information such as occupier reports or maintenance records.
  • Enhance audience engagement by understanding where visitors spend their time, and allowing spaces to be optimised.
  • Driving automated behaviours based on sensor readings for maintenance scheduling, HVAC or airflow control, or flow of visitors.

Green Custard will help you map the outcomes for your building, identify suitable sensors for your needs, and create dashboards, actions, and insights accessible to all your stakeholders.

Smart Building Benefits

  • Improved energy efficiency and cost savings
  • Increased occupant comfort and productivity
  • Enhanced safety and security
  • Better operational insights
  • Direct data access, not via 3rd parties or landlord
  • Consolidated view of building data, viewable by anyone anywhere.