Using cloud to drive manufacturing forward


To satisfy ever more demanding customers, it is essential for manufacturers to have greater visibility across supply, quality and production, and be able to adapt quickly to changing market conditions.

We work closely with our clients to transform production to save cost through efficiency improvements, reduced downtime, reduced repair costs, lower energy and lower resource consumption - ultimately saving cost and delivering better solutions for their customers. Our clients include manufacturing equipment manufacturers who we help deliver digitally connected products, helping their customers improve reliability with minimal downtime and repair costs, and allow consumable parts to be received before they are needed.

Martin Engineering is a global leader in bulk material movement for manufacturing and industrial customers, and needed support with a global predictive maintenance solution. We developed a secure and scalable global IoT platform on AWS. It has addressed the real pain points in their customer’s bulk material handling solutions, delivering an affordable and scalable solution which delivers relevant and accurate actionable insights to their customers. It ensures maintenance is carried out at the right time, reducing cost and downtime.

"We needed a solution that could be rapidly implemented, globally scaled and easily adapted for future innovations. On top of that we have a robust design that’s aligned with the latest best practices and is highly usable which is critical to successful adoption."

Paul Harrison

CTO, Martin Engineering

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