Our Trusted Partners

At Green Custard, excellence is not just a goal – it's a collaborative journey. We take pride in our strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as AWS, Alliot, Cloudrail, and Raspberry Pi, collectively representing the pinnacle of innovation.

Amazon Web Services

(AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centres globally. Millions of customers—including the fastest-growing start-ups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies—use AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.

We work exclusively with AWS as an Advanced Tier Services Partner, so all our customers benefit from AWS services. We are members of four AWS Partner Programs, have four AWS Service Validations, six AWS Certifications and four validated AWS Practices. Check out some of our key case studies to see the various ways our customers benefit from our partnership with AWS:


is the UK and Europe’s leading distributor of IoT solutions. They are the go-to experts for system design, supply and deployment of IoT business solutions; from sensors to gateways, to network infrastructure and connectivity.


streamlines industrial data acquisition, preprocessing it locally before seamless cloud transmission. Supporting new and existing setups, it employs standards like OPC-UA for modern equipment and retrofits older machines with secondary sensors. With 12,000+ sensor definitions, automated processes slash the time to connect machines to the cloud from weeks to hours. Additionally, CloudRail provides a secure, cloud-based device management solution for globally distributed edge devices' deployment, management, and update.


develops innovative Industry 4.0 solutions and corresponding software and cloud products to make existing business processes digitally usable and to offer new, holistic control options for sustainable efficiency and cost optimisation.

Make it Clear

is a London-based branding and design agency which puts the user at the heart of every experience. Make it Clear delivers user-centric solutions with a commitment to originality and innovation

Raspberry Pi

technology has been deployed in tens of thousands of applications in a variety of industries across the world. With a wide range of computing products and a network of trusted design partners, Raspberry Pi pursues a mission to make computing accessible and affordable for everyone.


provides custom engineering solutions to clients requiring software and electronics design from initial concepts through to mass production.


is a market leader in the globally evolving IoT landscape that is passionate about eliminating design complexity and accelerating time-to-market for underserved and emerging markets, including open-source and industrial communities. Their goal is to create easy-to-deploy solutions and modular IoT products that are accessible to all.

We ensure our clients receive the best solutions by aligning ourselves with these esteemed partners. Together, we forge a synergy that blends cutting-edge technologies and unmatched expertise, propelling us to deliver sustainable, impactful, and future-ready solutions for our clients.

At Green Custard, our commitment to excellence is mirrored in the strength of our partnerships, paving the way for a greener, smarter, and more efficient future.