Manufacturing Evolved: Welcome to the Smart Factory Revolution

Welcome to the future of manufacturing with our cutting-edge connected factories. We revolutionize industrial landscapes by integrating advanced technologies to create intelligent, efficient, and data-driven production environments.


IoT and Industry 4.0 are redefining the industrial landscape. To satisfy increasingly demanding customers, manufacturers must have greater visibility across their production lines, supply chain and QC processes so they can quickly respond to changing market conditions. Smart manufacturing paves the way for these factories of the future by applying Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies. This step-change will not only transform your manufacturing processes at an operational level, but will open the door to new revenue streams and increased profit margins.


We work closely with you to fully understand your objectives, the stakeholders involved and how you will measure success. Based on this we can determine the data needed to achieve this. This could involve connecting equipment, installing sensors, accessing historian or historical production data - and applying this in context with your customer orders and supply chain. We will create the analysis, dashboards, alarms, and machine learning models needed to meet your objectives, while ensuring key actionable insights are delivered to stakeholders in a clear and timely manner.


The primary benefits are typically focussed around cost saving, improved sustainability, and safety, such as:

  • Efficiency improvements, insights into staff and production line efficiency enable actions to improve performance and allocate resources better
  • Reduced downtime, by ensuring equipment is repaired or consumables are replaced in a timely fashion prior to an event which results in shutdown
  • Reduced maintenance cost, by only carrying out maintenance when needed reduces expensive pre-planned maintenance cycles, and prevents costly catastrophic failure
  • Monitoring energy and resource usage allows for more effective planning and operation, increase sustainability
  • Managing safety, for example, to prevent moving equipment and people from overlapping in shared environments, and ensuring air quality is within acceptable limits.

IOT Review & Roadmap

Start your IoT journey here. Advance data-driven manufacturing with Industrial IoT (IIoT). Boost productivity, manage assets securely at scale, and unlock actionable insights with secure, cloud-based solutions

A 2-part process to help you understand your digital readiness, map out your plans, and quickly deliver a PoV against agreed outcomes.

Enhancing the digital manufacturing process by: • reducing costs • increasing efficiency • improving sustainability

Enhancing delivered products to increase revenue by: • developing product as a service to increase ARPC • automating parts and consumable replenishment • improving product quality and maintenance

AWS Monitron

Reduce unplanned equipment downtime with predictive maintenance and machine learning.

A 3-part process to get you started on your connected factory journey, with condition-based monitoring ofl pumps, motors, bearings, gearboxes, compressors and fans.

Eliminate unscheduled downtime, decrease maintenance expenditure and increase production capacity with predictive maintenance.

Gain easy access to data insights on a dashboard and mobile app, enabling you to manage device fleets with ease.

Industrial IoT (IIOT) Starter Kits

Revolutionise your manufacturing operations with our Industrial IoT Starter Kit!

A 3 phase process to help you understand your digital readiness, map out your plans, and quickly deliver a PoV against agreed outcomes. 1. Digital Readiness & Roadmapping 2. PoV Implementation 3. Review & Scale

Asset Health & Utilisation | Energy Monitoring & Utilisation | Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) | Process Environment Monitoring | Process Optimisation (Production) | Process Optimisation (Waste/Supply)

Lean Daily Management

Begin your Industry 4.0 journey with a no-risk, fixed-scope offer from AWS, Siemens Mendix, Matterport and Green Custard. Lean Daily Management (LDM) Suite is a visual management tool for day-to-day operations of a manufacturing plant. It provides the capability to take immediate action to manage the issues occurring around the 4Ms of manufacturing - Machine, Material, Method and Man.

A 3D scan (up to 50,000 sqft) with Matterport and a 4-Month license to Matterport Enterprise SaaS Platform, including API & SDK access and AWS Integrator for Matterport Digital Twins.

A 3-month standard multiapp Mendix license and a 3-month license for AWS TwinMaker.

40 hours of integration services from Green Custard to set up your custom dashboard.