IoT Review & Roadmap

Start your manufacturing IoT journey here. Advance data-driven manufacturing with Industrial IoT. Boost productivity, manage assets securely at scale, and unlock actionable insights with secure, cloud-based solutions.

Green Custard's Manufacturing IoT Review and Roadmap will help you identify where you are in your IIoT Journey and plot a route to your goals. Our IIoT Maturity Model covers:

Evolutionary IoT

Enhancing the digital manufacturing process by:

  • reducing costs
  • increasing efficiency
  • improving sustainability

Revolutionary IoT

Enhancing delivered products to increase revenue by:

  • developing product-as-a-service to increase ARPC
  • automating parts and consumable replenishment
  • improving product quality and maintenance

Fixed Price, Fixed Scope

Green Custard has developed a 2-part process to help you understand your digital readiness, map out your plans and quickly deliver a PoV against agreed outcomes, so you can get the most benefit in the shortest time.

  1. Value Proposition and Opportunities
    1. Introduction to Green Custard's IIoT Maturity Model
    2. In-person workshops and site visits to explore evolutionary and revolutionary IoT opportunities and value propositions
    3. Think Big: business growth, outcomes, revenue opportunities
  2. Bias to Action
    1. Review and prioritise opportunities and challenges
    2. Plan implementation and success criteria
    3. Deliver a written end-to-end data strategy for the identified PoV

"Instead of just rolling out the next product update, we have completely changed how the developers and product managers work, and we've changed the management decisions around what the business will look like in the future."
- Chris ShelleyCOO, ENVEA

£4,500 FPFS

The solution includes 2 x full-day on-site workshops and access to our IIoT Maturity Model

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