Lean Daily Management

Begin your Industry 4.0 journey with a no-risk, fixed-scope offer from AWS, Siemens Mendix, and Matterport.

Green Custard will guide you through the key aspects of the digital twin journey, including capturing a physical space, converting it into a 3D model, and seamlessly integrating this model with real-world system data. This innovative solution can help improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, enhance overall performance, and drive sustainability goals.

Data-Driven Excellence: The Smart Factory Advantage

  1. Remote monitoring makes it easier to get an in-depth and real-time view of a facility
  2. Accelerated risk assessment helps to immediately identify process failures and potential issues to prevent incidents, hence reducing
    the overall downtime
  3. Constant access to system information combined with a live view of their facilities helps dispersed teams to remotely learn and collaborate, thereby increasing productivity and operational efficiency.

Sticking to the status quo—the same old spreadsheets-to-email-to-spreadsheet process—is more costly than any other move an enterprise can make today

  • Unplanned downtime costs industrial manufacturers as much as $50 billion a year.
  • 39% of facilities still use paper records for maintenance reports
    Manual job allocations result in reduced productivity
  • There is lack of real time data for monitoring LE and OEE
  • An estimated 20.9% of wasted time is due to traveling to different areas in a factory, with an additional 19.8% as a result of waiting for instructions

Fixed-Scope Pilot Scheme

The ultimate digital twin solution includes:

1. Full 3D scan with Matterport

  • 3D scan (up to 50,000 sqft) with Matterport
  • Matterport Enterprise SaaS Platform and AWS Integrator for Matterport Digital Twins.

Lean Daily Management Suite

  • Standard multi-app Mendix license for up to 5 workstations
  • Includes license for AWS TwinMaker.

Integration & Support

  • Enhanced customisation services from Green Custard
  • Full on-going support

4. Full sensor equipment

  • All sensor equipment supplied

POV Options


  • Is all equipment in good working order?
  • Are there any anomalies in the KPIs?
  • Is the operation being interrupted by machine problems?


  • Are all required materials available?
  • Is the material quality adequate?
  • Are waste bins being managed efficiently?


  • Are the defined processes being followed at all workstations?
  • Are any checklists overdue?
  • Is there any protocol violation?


  • Are all shifts covered?
  • Is there any skill mismatch between workstation and worker?
  • Is worker efficiency acceptable?

Packages from $64,000

$12,00 initial set-up fee. Subsequent fees from $8,000/month. The Package includes six months of AWS costs & support. Prices exclude appropriate
regional taxes.

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