Rakuten Fits Me develop software solutions that enable retailers and brands to understand their customers in terms of personal measurement and fit preferences. Their unique software solution changes the landscape of customer experience online. They achieve unrivalled accuracy through their unique fit algorithm that relies on years of garment expertise, combined with extensive research into body profiles and biometric data.


Rentokil Initial, one of the largest business service companies in the world, is a customer of Rakuten Fits Me. Aware of the benefits of their unique software, Rentokil Initial chose to work with Rakuten Fits Me on a workwear fitting solution.

As part of this project, Rakuten Fits Me needed a rapid prototype for delivery to the customer which would use their clients’ APIs. This is where we came in.


To deliver this prototype, the Rakuten Fits Me team needed to work with a partner who had:

  • A team with a broad skill base
  • An ability to capture and refine requirements
  • Familiarity with the Rakuten Fits Me solution
  • ASP.NET and Angular 1.0 experience

"Green Custard helped us understand scope and feasibility so we could quickly reach a definition of MVP. Their execution of the client build was efficient and agile and the team were always on hand to join discussions or help plan next steps."

Keith McHugh

Global Product Specialist, Rakuten Fits Me


This interesting project is helping Rentokil Initial explore solutions to a real-world problem and should ultimately lead to significant cost savings within their business. By delivering this result and providing a tailored solution to their client, Rakuten Fits Me is, in turn, meeting their objectives.

With our team successfully acting as a reliable outsourcing partner for their client’s customer projects, Rakuten Fits Me have scope for future capacity when other customers require bespoke solutions based on their platform.

“The team delivered this project on time and budget, with a low number of iterations. This ensured that Rakuten Fits Me could meet their objectives and deliver results to their client.” – Jonathan Custance, Owner/Director, Green Custard

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