Owlstone Medical

is on a mission to save 100,000 lives and $1.5B in healthcare costs through Breath Biopsy, a way to detect diseases using breath. The Breath Biopsy platform is a complete solution for easy, pain-free collection and analysis of breath samples to identify and study markers of disease.


Time was of the essence as Owlstone Medical required the GUI to be available for the launch of a major clinical trial. They requested a user-friendly solution with a professional design that would lead clinicians through the process of collecting and recording reliable samples.


  • It was crucial that the GUI worked as simply and effectively as possible - consistent, intuitive and unobtrusive - for clinicians working in various sites worldwide.
  • That it be designed and delivered promptly, in time for the client's impending clinical testing.
  • That it integrated with Owlstone's existing tools to ensure maintainability and enable future development.

"Gavin [Lead Developer at Green Custard] has done a great job and the collaboration has been a seamless experience."

Ed Bicknell,

Head of Control Software at Owlstone Medical


We have accumulated a wealth of experience with GUI implementations across a variety of platforms and in many domains. This made us proficient at arriving at a timely solution - a sophisticated yet simple GUI that was ready to utilise without the need to prototype or experiment with different development tools.

With the implementation of our GUI, Owlstone Medical is making rapid progress towards its profoundly worthy mission. Breath Biopsy is being used at over 100 sites worldwide to capture compounds present in breath that can be analysed to reveal markers of disease.

The device has applications not only in cancer, but a wide range of other medical conditions. This research will lead to new tools for early disease detection, improving survival by allowing more patients to get treatments sooner when there is a greater chance of success.

"It was tremendously exciting to work on a product that could make a difference to literally millions of people.' - Gavin Dolling, Lead Developer at Green Custard Ltd