A staple in Cambridge's business community
It's official, alongside ARM, Cambridge University, and John Lewis, we're one of Cambridge's most influential businesses!
News November 02, 2018
Jemma Crane
Investing in investors
On 18th October, James and Jonathan were invited to a key event in Cambridge's investment community calendar . . .
Opinion October 30, 2018
Jemma Crane
Software: buy in or bespoke?
We look at the best ways to research your solution and the benefits of both ‘off-the-shelf’ and custom software options.
Opinion October 16, 2018
Jemma Crane
Are manual processes hindering your growth?
Your customer base is expanding and you have a workforce in place, but are your manual processes standing in the way of growth?
Opinion October 09, 2018
Jemma Crane
Unifying development with design
Earlier this month, Geoff attended The UX Conference, adding to our ever-expanding pool of knowledge. This is what he learnt . . .
Opinion September 28, 2018
Jemma Crane
A chain reaction
Celebrating how we work together, the team engineered outside of the screen and created a giant version of a classic 80s game.
News September 14, 2018
Jemma Crane
Joining forces
With collaboration key to success, we got together with Cambridge’s software, hardware, and design consultancies …
News August 31, 2018
Jemma Crane
The speed of light(house)
We are delighted to have launched our brand-new website and speed has, quite literally, been of the essence.
OPINION July 31, 2018
Jemma Crane
Celebrating 9 years of GC
Today we were joined by fellow residents of St John's Innovation Centre who helped us celebrate our 9th birthday!
News June 22, 2018
Jemma Crane
Google IO 2018 - Day 3 Summary
The 3rd and final day of my Google IO adventure didn't disappoint with stand-out sessions covering AI and Flutter.
Opinion May 11, 2018
James Green
Google IO 2018 - Day 2 Summary
It's day 2 at Google IO! The focus of today's post is improving Android App downloads and bettering website performance.
Opinion May 10, 2018
James Green
Google IO 2018 - Day 1 Summary
I've travelled to California for Google IO, a conference where Google update the world on their latest offerings and developments.
Opinion May 09, 2018
James Green
Next to Nexmo
We're proud to announce that we are now part of the Nexmo Partner Programme!
News April 23, 2018
Jemma Crane
K8 (Part 1)
We're always keen to share our experiences from within the software development world. In this blog post, I explore Kubernetes.
Opinion February 16, 2018
Zoltan Molnar
An inspiring evening with Peter Cowley
James chaired the Cambridge Computer Science and IT Dinner featuring serial tech entrepreneur and angel investor: Peter Cowley.​
News February 05, 2018
Jemma Crane
Celebrating another string to our collective accreditation bow . . .
We're always expanding our team members' accreditations. The latest is with the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification.​
News January 23, 2018
Jemma Crane
A moving year for Green Custard
Stepping into our brand new office marks a fantastic end to our best year yet!​
News December 21, 2017
Jemma Crane
Day three at Google I/O - counting cucumbers!
The third and final day at Google I/O brought a wide mix of talks and interesting references to real-life examples.​
Opinion May 19, 2017
Jonathan Custance
Day two at Google I/O - fast web apps, IoT and machine learning
After 10 packed hours of talks, here is my summary of day two at Google I/O!​
Opinion May 18, 2017
Jonathan Custance
Day one at Google I/O - mobile first to AI first
Today, I joined developers from around the globe for the start of Google IO! Here's my summary of day 1 at this annual tech event!
Opinion May 17, 2017
Jonathan Custance
Going from strength to strength: Green Custard acquires Versio4
We are delighted to announce the acquisition of Cambridge-based software development agency Versio4!
News March 10, 2017
Jemma Crane
Green Custard is an official partner of Anaren, Inc.
We are thrilled to announce that we are now a Product Deployment Partner for Anaren's Atmosphere IOT Development Environment.
News January 26, 2017
Jemma Crane
Periodic table app continues to impress with 5-star reviews
With 250,000+ downloads and 5/5 reviews, we are thrilled that the chemical science community find the app so helpful.
Customer January 09, 2017
Jemma Crane
The buzz of working with start-ups
We worked with start-up Fluidic Analytics to develop a prototype user interface for their scientific machine.
Customer July 13, 2016
Jemma Crane
Green Custard awarded a place on the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework
We have been awarded a place on the Pan-Government Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) framework.
News May 13, 2016
Jemma Crane
Big fish, little fish, what do they have in common?
Passionate about improving the customer experience? Read more on the importance of user insights for companies.
Customer April 21, 2016
Jemma Crane
Can we create more time?
A review of our work with Cambridge Bioscience which helped improve the efficiency of tasks and create more time for them.
Customer March 04, 2016
Jemma Crane
Don't believe the hype?
Numerous technologies attract hype every day and we discuss the five which seem to get a lot of column inches written about them.
Opinion February 25, 2016
Jonathan Custance
New year, new you?
One of our latest projects saw us delve into the world of fitness, working with MvBii to develop their lifestyle companion app.
Customer January 15, 2016
Jemma Crane
BETT award nomination
RSC is a nominated finalist in the Bett Awards for their Periodic Table app in the best free digital content category.
News December 21, 2015
Jemma Crane
Welcome to the Green Custard Blog
Our blog provides a different perspective on the world of technology and thought-provoking opinions on the latest developments.
Company December 14, 2015
Jemma Crane
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