A consortium led by Insta Associates brought together a team of experienced innovation strategy professionals. Insta Associates work with corporations to help them reimagine and build the future. Their services for organisations include building new products and services, changing or adapting business models, and developing platform ecosystems.


The consortium needed a technology partner to explore whether an Energy Performance Certificate could be prepared and granted remotely: a Remote EPC – R-EPC. Due to Covid-19, there is a huge demand for a remote option, especially one that the property owner could complete themselves.


  • A broad and deep knowledge of mobile development and ecosystems
  • Expertise on the future of mobile technologies and capabilities
  • Expertise in IoT
  • Expertise in cloud technology
  • Creativity and the application of mobile sensors to solve real-world problems
  • Project management skills

"As a result of the project we have confidence in how to move forward in a rapidly evolving field. With the solution tested in the field too, we are now able to apply for a grant to develop further. Given the Covid times we are in, this project will gain traction fast."

Nigel Greenhill,

Partner at INSTA Associates Ltd.


As the technology partner for the project, we provided example solutions to meet requirements with existing technologies, but also advised on more powerful solutions using new technologies that are not yet ubiquitous.

We showed how and where existing technologies, such as IoT, cloud, mobile, and sensors could be utilised for a Remote EPC. We demonstrated room scanning technologies such as Lidar to map rooms, as well as room layout apps to ascertain the exact layout of a room using Augmented Reality.

In the context of Remote EPC, the capabilities of mass-market technologies are limited, so workshops with the wider team were run to explore how to maximise the usefulness of existing technologies and sidestep limitations.

Timescales were tight, as there is a real urgency for this technology in the current climate and the race is on to develop the best solution for the market. We trialled the process in the field with a test group and based on this Insta Associates are now applying for a grant to expand this project.

"It was fantastic working within such a highly motivated and knowledgeable team, with amazing insights from experts across different companies and backgrounds. We were honoured to be the technology partner for such a timely and crucial project." - William Alexander, Green Custard

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