Application Performance Ltd

is dedicated to helping their customers optimise the performance and availability of their applications, in production, test and development. AP offer an innovative range of software and hardware solutions and performance-tuning consulting.


One of the products developed by Application Performance is a real-user monitoring tool named


that captures performance metrics of users in real time. They were looking to redesign the user interface (UI) for the product and implement the solution.


  • Redesign the UI of the real user monitoring tool, making it feel more contemporary; the UI had to be easy to use so customers could easily create their own analytics dashboards
  • Implement the new UI
  • Expert knowledge of JavaScript in order to deliver reusable source code

"Green Custard is a local Cambridge company which came highly recommended. We liked that they were just down the road and could meet face to face rather than dealing with a remote development company from overseas."

Mick McGuinness,

IT Director, Application Performance Ltd.


In order for this project to be a success for our client the design of the product and UI had to be to a very high standard. Utilising in-house design expertise “their designer produced a very contemporary design and the requirements were faithfully implemented” (Mick McGuinness, IT Director, Application Performance Ltd).

Being a local Cambridge company that came highly recommended helped us stand out from the competition. It was very useful to be able to have regular face to face meetings which aided fine-tuning the design and making changes a very smooth process.

The end result is that the client had a clear focus on what they needed to achieve in order to satisfy their customers and we worked with them to deliver a new framework for dashboards which the client will be able to extend throughout their product offering.

“We were a good fit for this project as we have in-house design expertise, and as the deliverable was reusable source code the design and quality of the implementation was important.” – Jonathan Custance, Director, Green Custard

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