Hanwell Solutions Ltd

is home to the world’s most reliable, consistent and accurate environmental monitoring and control solutions.

They specialise in designing, engineering, and manufacturing environmental monitoring equipment from their UK headquarters for use in static, transit and remote locations, within multiple industries across the globe.


Hanwell’s IoT sensors wirelessly monitor temperature, humidity, light and utilities for heritage, food, healthcare, pharma and industrial sectors. Their customers wanted a way to receive alarms related to these sensors via push notifications to an app, rather than SMS.

To satisfy this need, Hanwell required us to create the Hanwell EMS Alarms App which would provide immediate alerts, in and out of working hours, for ultimate peace of mind.


To make the Alarms App a reality we needed to have:

  • Knowledge of cross platform mobile applications (in particular React Native)
  • An understanding of building a scalable middleware within Google Cloud to sit between the existing on premise IoT data capture and the mobile application

The App has been a real winner with our customers, providing them with a much more user friendly and visual alert to alarms instead of the traditional SMS and email alerts. Working with the Green Custard team has made the whole process easy with them guiding us through every step - from the initial design specification to launching the App.

Ian Robinson,

CEO, Hanwell Solutions Ltd


The end result fulfilled their customers’ desires with this simple to use application giving 24/7 alarm status updates direct to their mobile phone. A far easier route to instantly and remotely manage their sites.

The Alarms App has seen Hanwell take another momentous step in IoT monitoring and aiding their customers’ varied responsibilities - from preserving artefacts in The Vatican to monitoring for damage during the transportation of power transformers around the world.

The end result is that Fluidic Analytics have achieved their interim goal of having a demonstration model of the machine that they can show to customers. We are now working with them to develop a production version of the software.

“It was fantastic to have our in-depth mobile application and cloud backend knowledge secure us this important project. Hanwell has a very interesting set of customers and it was fascinating to understand these different environments and use cases.” - Jonathan Custance, Director, Green Custard

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