Cambridge Bioscience

is a leading UK based distributor of cutting-edge life science research products. Their core business used to manage 500,000 products and 11,000,000 price variants.


The current solution was inefficient, with many tasks related to managing product and price information taking days to complete. They required a bespoke web application to replace the inefficient parts of their current system and improve their efficiency.


  • Architect software solution to manage the vast amount of product and price information whilst removing the current inefficiencies.
  • Observe and analyse internal business processes to identify inefficiencies and make recommendations for optimisation.
  • Build a strong relationship with the customers’ team to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.
  • Knowledge and experience of and its APIs.
  • Experience of data migration

"The system is reliable and easy to use, and has saved us many hours of work and eliminated critical points of failure. It's become fundamental to the operation of our business."

Mike Kerrins,

CEO, Cambridge Bioscience Ltd.


We delivered a reliable and easy-to-use system saving the client hours of work, freeing up time for staff to focus on other projects. Our extensive experience of Salesforce and its various APIs meant they were able to design both the data migration from Salesforce, and how the data would be seamlessly synchronised with Salesforce once the new system was live.

Regular meetings and strong communication were required between us and the customer which helped shape the project, ensuring the software solution met their requirements. Our “pragmatic approach to the challenge at hand, unhindered by the structures of any single technology” (Andy Bailey, Web Projects Leader) made us a great partner for this project.

“We are proud to have delivered a rock-solid solution which has required very little maintenance since go live. The system is used daily by many staff and tasks that took days now take minutes.” – Jonathan Custance, Director, Green Custard Ltd.

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