The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), the world’s leading chemistry community, is a non-profit organisation with more than 51,000 members and an international publishing and knowledge business.


The RSC has an interactive periodic table on their website and required an app equivalent for both iOS and Android. The periodic table is one of the most searched for and visited pages on their website so it was essential to create the leading periodic table app for the scientific community.


  • A cross-platform approach:- Advice on the best development tools to use; writing the code once with the two separate apps generated from a single implementation
  • The app needed to automatically update whenever the RSC produced new content. This meant the project had a server-side component so the apps could pull the latest content from a database
  • App to be accessible to international users who might have limited internet connections and low-spec devices
  • Design lead for the UI/UX of the app and app graphics

"We're very pleased with our Periodic Table app, and we've had great feedback on app stores and on social media. We have a flagship educational product that we are proud to share with students and teachers."

Duncan McMillan,

Programme Manager, RSC


We were proud to be chosen as the developer for this high profile project and impressed the RSC by “being genuinely attentive to our requirements and honest about their approach, before recommending a solution” said Duncan McMillan, Programme Manager, RSC.

Being experts in app development and server-side components was a great fit for this project and meant each requirement of the project was met. Our highly- skilled graphics team worked closely with our engineers to deliver a beautiful final product.

The Royal Society of Chemistry now has a robust implementation of the periodic table app which can efficiently have new features added to it going forwards, ensuring it remains the leading resource for the educational and scientific community.

“We are very proud to have been chosen to work with such a prestigious organisation and being trusted to do such an important app for the RSC. We are thrilled the app has been so well reviewed by users.” – Jonathan Custance, Director, Green Custard

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