Blue Oil Energy are brokers for oil, across the gasoline, bio-diesel, and jet markets. They have offices in London, Geneva, The Netherlands, and operate internationally.


Blue Oil was tracking their invoicing through a very sophisticated Excel spreadsheet. It had worked well for them, but as the business scales they needed a more advanced system.

The project was to replace the invoicing spreadsheet with a cloud-based application and to take the opportunity to add additional features and capabilities.


  • Expertise in custom web applications
  • Expertise in AWS cloud technologies
  • Experience of providing secure systems for confidential data
  • Experience of robust continuous delivery pipelines
  • Ability to provide operational support and maintenance once live

"The project has been a complete success for us. It will be cost neutral over a small number of years and the new system is saving us £50,000 a year. The new finance platform provides great benefits to our company and our customers. We have no doubt it will help us to grow."

Jon Pike,

Blue Oil Energy


We delivered a system that saves Blue Oil £50,000 a year in increased internal efficiencies, while improving the experience both for their customers and for their operations team.

The new finance solution improves Blue Oil's internal management reporting and analytics, to review business performance more accurately and in detail. The new features give their customers a consistent, reliable, professional experience, with reminders and notifications.

The custom web solution not only provides immediate benefits but has also laid the foundation for the ongoing digital transformation of the business. The project will be cost neutral over a small number of years.

During the project, we paid close attention to the intricacies of their business to provide a system that catered for all their invoicing scenarios.

Additional features the customer now has include automatic invoice and credit note generation, and a payment plans system that easily allows an invoice to be paid via a received payment, outstanding credit note or cash on the client's account.

Multiple internal users can now access the system at the same time, which was a previous issue for the customer and is a new benefit for them.

Security is absolutely key with a system that holds such sensitive data. The bespoke platform is completely secure, while also allowing Blue Oil fine-grained control.

"It's really satisfying to provide systems that create big benefits: saving time, money and stress, while improving the experience for everyone involved, and building a strong digital foundation for the future growth of the company." - James Green, Director at Green Custard

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